Lighting Equipment Rentals for Events

Lighting equipment rentals for all occasions!

Lighting is one of the aspects of any event that could ‘make it or break it’, so to speak. Imagine a stage with zero lighting and then think of an array of colors creating a magical experience. Our lighting equipment rentals offer you exactly that.

With our team of lighting designers, we will bring your event to life and ensure you are amazed with the display.

Whether you need to light up a podium on stage, create effects on a dance floor or need up-lighting to match your décor, we have the solution you require.

Branding Options

We can display your company logo / brand name with the use of our moving heads and scanners and create visual effects with a variety of custom gobos. Rigging lighting onto trussing will give your event the ultimate look it deserves, whether it’s a truss totem or a goalpost structure.

Some of our featured lighting fixtures include ADJ, Chauvet, Martin Pro, Robe to mention a few.

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